Monday, August 6, 2012

MVC makes Mobile web Manageable

When we start development for mobile application our basic question is what is the platform or what architecture developer can use to develop mobile web application

  Mobile web application can develop with any platform (languages like Java, PHP , .net etc) but the architecture should be MVC

The main advantage of MVC is TDD we can easily test over code. but for mobile web application we have another advantage as bellow:

This is only require when developer want to target more than one device and want to provide native look and feel ex. for iPhone navigation should be at bottom and fix where in BB it should be at the top of page

With the MVC developer can commonly used the Model and Controller code only they need to develop different view for each targeted device using this way we can develop rich mobile application has also develop MVC architecture which a good choice to develop mobile application and Microsoft  has also provide mobile web development with MVC2 and MVC4

As I discussed previous here developer can design common model and controller and develop the different view for targeted device

Now next question is how to redirect end user to related view  (EX. if  end user access the web application via iPhone/iPod then he/she will be redirect to iPhone specific view which look like iPhone native app, and if end user access it via android then he/she will be redirected to Android view)

Even developer can develop one view to target desktop browser and other to target mobile device this view is known as generic mobile view

for that developer can use Mobile capable view engine which available on internet(Free). MVC is the open source architecture  from Microsoft so developer can also develop their own engine .

With MVC developer has to define related view under same folder (ex. iOS related views are stored under folder name iPhone and android related view are stored under folder name android )

Any request from and user is redirected to the view engine it will check the header information sp. user-agent information of the request and render the particular view accordingly

With MVC 4 the view storing convince in MVC 4 developer add the view in same folder but define the view like index.iPhone. extinction or index.Android. extinction as Microsoft has provide view engine in such a way

That is why MVC is the best option for mobile web development when we are targeting multiple device with different view(presentation).

1) MVC web application is easily manageable/easy maintenance .
2) MVC allow Test Driven Development
3) MVC projects are easily scale developer can easily add targeted view for without make any change in controller or model

1)Developer has to learn MVC  architecture
2) For small project TDD can increase the development time.


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