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HTML 5 and Mobile Device :Myview

HTML5 is one of the hottest topic today for the discussion as a mobile web developer I want to share my view on HTML 5

On 14 February 2011, the W3C extended the charter of its HTML Working Group with clear milestones for HTML5. In May 2011, the working group advanced HTML5 to "Last Call", an invitation to communities inside and outside W3C to confirm the technical soundness of the specification. The W3C is developing a comprehensive test suite to achieve broad interoperability for the full specification by 2014, which is now the target date for Recommendation

HTML5 is the standard which defined by W3C and other open source working group.

For the development of those standard they have use broad view and consider all the browser from different device like mobile, Gaming console, Smart Tv and introduce many features for all type of devices that having browser and some them are not much useful for desktop/laptop browser

Tag are design so carefully that browser can render animation, video, audio without any plugin. 

As we all know only android native browser support the flash plugin, all other smart phone's native browser dose not have capability of use flash plugin to play video or animated flash file on browser

but with help of HTML 5 this will be possible to give support of animation and  video without flash player

let's take overview of some of HTML5 features

with the help of canvas tag and JavaScript developer can draw images, but not only images canvas can also use to develop animation.

With the help of Video tag developer can add video in webpage

With the help of Audio tag developer can add audio element in web page

4) Geo-location:
HTML 5 has develop Geo-loaction algorithm using which developer can use end user's  Geoloaction position information.

6)Application cache:
Using application cache developer can develop web application that can work in offline mode (without internet connection) once it downloaded on user machine user can access the application in offline

7)Storage :
HTML5 also allow developer to store values on client end, I am not talking about cookie. HTML 5 has provide
Session Storage: data remain on client machine for a session only
Local storage: data remain on client machine forever same as cookie key value pair
Web SQL db: developer can store large amount of data in table format just like database ,but those data are stored on client end

8) Worker:
Like ajax some of JavaScript code execute in other thread and it will note affect the performance of the main page loading thread,this can be use with heavy JavaScript function which take more time to execute. but developer can not access document, Window ,etc object in worker it is message base communication between main thread and worker thread

9) Web Socket ,Server Push:
It is bi-directional/ uni-directional communication of browser and server, can be use to develop application like facebook which can give updates on browser in regular interval

10)new input type:
There are many input types are introduce for mobile device they are not much useful for desktop machine like number,date, date time, URL, email add., search etc.

Client side validation without any JavaScript i.e. require and reg.expression validation

add SEO related information in tag

14)new Tags
like input type many new tag are introduce with HTML5 ex. output, section tags etc

This list dose not stop here it s going on and on .....

With this HTML 5 has make web powerful  , but currently no browser is supporting all the features of HTML 5 as it is under draft face but I am sure by the end of 2014 browser developer try to support most of the features of HTML 5.

HTML 5 will make developer life easy. 

Without HTML 5 all those is possible but developer has to suffer lot to archive all those functionality across the browser. 

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