Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mobile web testing

             When we are developing any web application we can test that application on browsers. In the same way we can test the mobile web application on mobile browser. but some time it is not possible to setup mobile testing environment Immediately as it is expensive in term of time and money.
             To set up testing environment we need the different mobile devices which is target for the same application and we also need to setup Wi-Fi  enlivenment to access the application through mobile devices

             But for a quick test specially  for unit testing one can use simulators. some of simulator are the same simulators which are use for native application development and some simulators are special design to test web application

1)Apple device(iPhone/iPad/IPod):
             For iPhone Mac Os hasp provide iPhone and iPad simulators, for windows device one can use ibbDemo2(ibbdemo2 link1 ,ibbddemo link2) or from web one can access this simulator
              one of the other way use the safari browser as a simulator as Apple default browser is safari to do this install the safari browser go to preferences an check the show developer menu option, now you can see the developer menu , from developer menu select user agent and you can change user agent from safari desktop to iPhone/iPod/iPad this is one the best way as we can debug the JS, CSS  and HTML

2)Android devices
         To test the web application on android device developer has to download and install the Android SDK you can download it from this: link .

         The other alternate is the safari browser by setting the custom user agent, you can search and add add the Android user agent in safari browser as both are web-kit browser

          But some of  HTML5 and CSS3 features developer has to install Targeted OS's simulator

3)Window Mobile
         For windows Mobile developer can download and install windows mobile SDK from this: link

        To test web application on BB device developer can download simulator from this: link

5)Opera Mobile/Mini
       Some smart phone user also install the opera browser for the mobile developer can download the opera mobile simulator from this: link and opera min simulator from this:link

Off-course simulators/emulators is provide 100% result ,but  it can use as alternate.I recommend to test application on actual mobile device before any build


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