Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Convert desktop version of website to mobile site

Google has start a new application GOMO for convert your existing desktop web application version to mobile version.

Google has made collaboration with dudaMobile. It is very exiting application for Google.
The application is convert desktop version website in mobile website within few seconds.

  • Application not only convert site in to mobile version user can also select the theme for the mobile application.
  • User can edit/delete the content from the mobile application.
  • User can customize contains for mobile site.
  • Not only this Google is also providing free hosting for the site for a year.
  • User can also take free help from support team for a year.
Those all facility provide to only attract most of the individual/ organization to once convert their site into mobile application but it also has some drawbacks.

  • Your desktop site should be well designed before mobile conversion.
  • The application will convert all site in to mobile version it include each and every link which may not require for the mobile site and it may create extra load for the mobile application.
  • This application may not work on lower end mobile device or older smart phone.
so in conclusion I can say that this is best opportunity for individuals and organization who has their static site and want to develop mobile site, but for a well organize site or for dynamic site this is not a good choice.


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